Specializing in Remote Control Aerial Photography

We offer high quality, custom aerial photography that meets client needs for residential developments, commercial locations, industrial sites, estates, scenery, or government projects. We specialize in low altitude (50-500 feet) aerial using state of the art remote control platforms. We also use conventional platforms for high altitude shots.

RC (remote control) platforms allow us to capture a closer shot with more detail, more zoom, and angles that are unavailable in conventional aerial photography (1500+ feet). It also allows the client the ability to preview shots on location during the shoot. We use the latest digital technology and software to deliver excellent aerial print pictures, electronic images and enhanced aerial imagery.

Our RC planes and helicoptors are powered by near-silent electric motors producing a very non-invasive photo shoot of your subject architecture or landscape. Also, our RC pilots all have 8+ years of experience flying RC aircraft in urban and suburban areas in a variety of light and weather conditions to ensure the utmost in safety. All pilots are liscenced, bonded, and insured.

Lake Lanier in the background
a small subdivision

A school in Buford GA
An estate property with a lake