Web sites need photos... lots of them. And we find that very few of our clients have enough good quality photography when they start on their web project. Acquiring photography specifically for the web project is usually a necessity.

We provide digital photography for these uses and more:

  • Executive Photo Shoots & Portrait Photography - The people of your organization can be photographed in a variety of ways to create that unique statement that expresses your mission and organization's culture.
  • On-site environmental or action shots - on-site photography can tell a story with pictures that can seldom be conveyed with words on your web site. With the right photography, your customers develop a relationship with you before they ever talk to you.
  • Product shoots - Product photography requires a photographer skilled in lighting and camera settings to bring out the details of your product.
  • Aerial Photography - Both low altitude and high altitude aerial photography accomplished with either remote control aircraft (RC aircraft) for low altitude and conventional aircraft for high altitude photography.

Digital Photography

Most professional photographers use digitial equipment these days. This is a big help to us because the photographs have to be digitized before we can get them on a web site. The equipment costs for digital photography are literally thousands of dollars more than for film-type equipment, so these photgraphers charge more, but the benefits are worth it:

  • Assurance - Digital photography is instantly viewable so we know if we got the shot we need.
  • Image Quality - Professional digital equipment yields better raw images than do film photos after scanning.
  • Saved Time - Digital photography is the format of choice so why not start there and avoid the scanning.

Client provided photography

If you have sufficient digital photography of your subjects, we can certainly review this photography with you to see if it will meet the needs of the project in part or in whole. Here is what we look for:

  • Quality - are the photos of sufficient image quality that we can use them? Usually professionally taken photgraph is required, but occasionally amateur photgraphy will work too. Quality includes lighting, focus, exposure, balance, subject matter, angle of the shot, etc.
  • Variety - are there enough different photos to provide enough variety to keep your web viewers interested?
  • The Story - Does the photography tell the story you want to tell on your web site?

Stock Photography

Stock photography is sometimes used on our web projects when it is needed. Stock photography may be used for situations such as these:

  • The need requires a generic face that is not one of the client's employee's or members.
  • Stock photography specific to the need is sometimes obtainable more economically than a custom photo shoot.
  • Subject matter may not be available for the custom photo shoot.