Webmastering & Web Site Maintenance

Keeping Your Web Site Up to Date

Its one thing to develop a new web site or redesign an old one, but its another thing to keep one up to date. Many web sites are cluttered with dust, trash, and bugs... that is they are poorly maintained and the content is noticeably out of date, the links are broken, the consistency of style had degraded, the excellence and relevance are gone. They have become cyber ghost towns. For the short term you may need a web site tune-up or spring cleaning or long-term you may need a some outside help or a contract webmaster.

Basic Web Site Maintenance & SEO Package

This is an outline of our Basic Web Site Maintenance & SEO Package. We will custom tailor a package for you based on your organization's needs.

  • Price: $300 per month for 12 months $3600 ($4800 value)
  • Includes 1 hour of content changes per month with rollover for unused time.
  • Includes managed web hosting on our web servers.
  • Includes installation of Google Analytics and 1 hour of Analytics review per month. Also includes a login for you to view your Google Analytics and occasional consultations with us regarding your web traffic.
  • Includes weekly backups of all pages, applications, and databases on your website.
  • Includes monthly check of server logs with attention to server errors, performance issues, intruders/hacking, email spoofing, etc.
  • Includes monthly submission to Google and a monthly check of major search engines to verify listing.
  • Includes annual domain registration if your domain name is transferred to our management account.

Web Site Tune-ups, Overhauls, and Spring Cleaning

Sometimes a web site needs a Spring Cleaning so to speak. Your company webmaster has his/her hands full keeping up with all of the expectaions from different internal customers. Its often hard to back from the trees and see the forest - the big picture of what is going on with your web site and how it is percieved by people outside your organization - your customers. XI can do this for you. We have years of experience providing that outside eye to how your web site is doing. We can provide the quick overhaul that your web site needs:

Contract Webmasters - Professional Maintenance When You Need It

You've got a significant investment in your professionally developed web site. Now get a professional to maintain it for you. Everyone wants their web site to stay up to date, and many companies hire a full-time or part-time web master to stay on top of it. Unfortunately, this is often a low budget item for the company. When you consider the cost of computer hardware and software, desk/office space, benefits, and other overhead expenses, your limited budget gets even smaller and you might end up hiring someone with little experience or limited skill set. You might be better off putting your dollars directly to the task of acquiring a pro without the overhead costs. XI offers experienced professional webmaster services on a contract basis. Your company gets the benefit of an experienced professional within its limited budget. We offer these services on either an actual per-hour rate or on a monthly retainer - which ever suits your company best. And when you have a pro working on your web site, you can expect updates to be handled expediently and professionally... and take less hourly time to complete. Also included with our Webmaster Services is periodic back-up of your web site. In the event that your server crashes, XI will provide the backup copy of the site from either our latest change point or the latest scheculed backup, which ever is newest. You win when you contract with us.

Disaster Recovery / Backups

"If it aint broken don't fix it" is a dangerous policy when it comes to your web site. It is not a matter of "IF" but "WHEN" trouble will happen. Occasionally web servers are compromised. Either a hardware crash, a hacker, or a virus, could compromise the site files or data. If either of us had a crystal ball to predict how and when trouble would strike, then we could fend off the intruder when it comes, but crystal balls and fortune-tellers are seldom accurate. Regular backups are needed because you never know when the disaster will happen. XI includes this service with our Webmaster services (above) or as an ala-carte offering. We keep a working copy of your web site on an off-line protected and private web server. In most cases, we can restore your web site in minutes or a few hours from the disaster. Either way you need it, dont wait untill the inevitable happens to find out where your system is vulnerable. Get accurate backups of your website files and your web database today while it is still working.